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You Love Film and so We!

Ordering Color Film Developing from Sharp Photo is fast and easy. We process a large volume of film in a small processor so our chemicals are constantly turned over with fresh replenisher. Then we carefully monitor the chemistry with control strips to make sure you get the most consistent color balance available. We process, scan and print 35mm, APS, and 120 C-41 color film the day we get it. Your film is scanned on the highly regarded Noritsu HS-1800 scanner then sent to you via the internet within 24 hours. If you order prints we’ll print them and mail them back to you the next business day.


The Art of Black & White Film Developing

Our Black and White Film Developing is done by hand…Yes by hand. Kind of crazy in this automated world but this gives you the absolute best Black and White Film Developing available on the planet! Your film is processed with fresh Kodak HC-110 chemistry by the roll in stainless steel tanks. Then we scan your film on the state of the art Noritsu HS-1800 film scanner for the absolute best D-Max and fine resolution. Black & White Film is an art form and so is our processing!

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